Hi, I'm Ben.

Washington State University
Computer Science

Expected Graduation 2021

  • Expert in Python & Bash.
  • Fluent in Java, C, C++, Assembly, HTML/CSS, with experience in Javascript.
  • Real world use of AWS, including EC2, Lambda, API Gateway, ELB, Route53, & Cloudwatch.
  • Comfortable working in Windows, MacOS, Debian, & Ubuntu.
  • Experience in embedded systems and IoT using Raspberry Pi & Arduino.


Summer 2017, 2018

  • 2018 - Built the monitoring and alarming system for all production, staging, and development hosts and services.
  • 2017 - Wrote and maintained internal source management tools, scripts and documentation.

Seasonal hackathon

Competed from 2013 - 2018

  • Best Overall Project - 2018, Python-based Spotify playlist generator
  • Best Application - 2014, Java-based chat app for Windows
  • Most Valuable Person - 2016, distinguished volunteer/mentor

    • Projects
      Spotify Playlist Engine - Tastebud

      Automatically generate playlists based on a few simple inputs, and tailor them to your liking.


      Convert mp3 files to png images, and back again! Send your friends your favorite new song with just an imgur link.

      WSU Coursework

      See the code I've written for my Intro (121), Advanced (122), and Data Structures (223) courses at WSU.

      CPTS 121 CPTS 122 CPTS 223
      Arthur assistant

      A little homebrew voice-activated assistant.